By Map Environmental | August 10, 2018


Established Virginia Beach environmental firm seeks an experienced office manager. As Office Manager, the employee will support
the Company President in conveying overall company direction, policy, operations, goals, and expectations to staff. The Office
Manager is responsible for several important functions related to daily operations and management such as; marketing and
business development, financial reporting, employee training and professional development and client communication. The
required skills and qualifications are outlined below:

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred.
  • At least 5 years of previous experience in office management.
  • Experience with mail processes, basic accounting and invoicing, QA/QC, record keeping, and HR functions.
  • Computer proficiency with in-depth knowledge of MS Office Suite, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: positive, upbeat, self-motivated and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The anticipated responsibilities and duties are as follows:

Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Maintain and organize office operations and procedures, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, reviewing
    and procuring supply purchases, and coordinating clerical functions, when applicable.
  • Using proven industry standards and procedures, prepare and update office policies, measures results against standards
    (making adjustments as necessary), and distribute to staff.
  • Organize, compile, and convey human resources information (e.g. insurance options, employee forms, leave requests,
    timesheets, etc.) to the staff.
  • Collect and track employee timesheets, hours, and leave requests.
  • Assist Company President on matters related to hiring including recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • Monitors office staff job results by coaching, counseling, and mentoring employees. Makes suggestions to Company
    President on staff performance issues.
  • Prepare monthly accounts receivable reports, booking reports, invoices, and perform invoice report tracking. Follow up,
    as necessary, with clients on outstanding invoices.
  • Assist company president with accounts payables, including reviewing and analyzing expenditures for improved cost
    reduction and streamlining.
  • Perform Quality Assurance and Quality Control for (QA/QC) proposals, marketing materials, correspondence, and other
  • Draft detailed contracts, scopes of works, and fee spreadsheets for large, detailed projects.
  • Define procedures for retention, retrieval, transfer, and disposal of records.
  • Manage and maintain master schedules, appointments, and arrangements.
  • Monitor, respond to, and distribute incoming communications.
  • Answer, manage, and screen incoming calls, as necessary.
  • Establish, maintain and enhance relationships with clients, regulatory agency representatives, visitors, and subconsultants
    through meetings, correspondence, and phone calls.
  • Coordinate and assist with online reputation and social media marketing, including planning, e-zines, reports, postings,
    and other duties.
  • Assist, as necessary, with project coordination and permitting compliance by arranging meetings, drafting deliverables,
    and submitting corresponding documentation.


Qualified applicants please submit resume and salary expectations to Myles Pocta, CEP, REM at MAP Environmental Inc., 116
Landmark Square, Suite 101, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 or email to
Visit us at: EOE