Giving Thanks

By MAP Environmental Inc. | November 29, 2022

As we approach the Christmas season and wrap up this year, we give thanks for all of the opportunities and blessings that our MAP team experienced in 2022. Following two strange years since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been fortunate to stay busy with scientific field work, in-person meetings and gatherings that allow us to express gratitude to our many clients. 

MAP has been blessed with new projects with both longstanding clients and new relationships that were forged in 2022. Through it all, we’re grateful to be involved in various projects in Hampton Roads as well as pursuits with the U.S. Department of Defense, with sites throughout the country.

In the midst of what feels like a new culture and way of doing business as a result of the global pandemic in 2020, our team is convinced that the most valuable element of our business is in our relationships. MAP remains committed to building and nurturing relationships with agency representatives and our various private and public clients…’s what we’re most grateful for and is the key to what sets us apart from the rest!