A Thank You Note Goes a Long Way

By MAP Environmental Inc. | March 1, 2021

No matter where you live, no matter what language you speak, receiving a written thank you note can be a powerful thing.

In the business world, an enormous amount of communication is done via email. Resumes are sent, interviews are scheduled and general company information can be exchanged by email.  After a job interview, many applicants send a follow-up thank you email to the interviewer and that is an acceptable response in some cases. However, a mailed hand written thank you note following the interview indicates the applicant has taken the time and made the effort to communicate on a more personal way with the company. Several applicants may have sent email thank you messages that are now sitting in the company computer, BUT the mailed thank you note is now sitting on the interviewer’s desk. Sometimes in the corporate world, a small thing like a written thank you could end up being a big thing that makes the difference in obtaining a new job.

As we all are adjusting to the global COVID pandemic restrictions, more people than ever are unable to see or visit family and friends. Many individuals feel isolated, lonely or depressed.  Imagine how sending a note of thanks could brighten someone’s day.  A thank you can be more than acknowledging a material gift. It can be a note of gratitude for the gift of friendship, the gift of fond memories, the gift of thoughtfulness, or the gift of kindness.

Is there someone in your life you would like to thank? How would they react to receiving a written thank you? One unique result from sending the thank you note is that YOU also feel good after mailing it!

To all of our MAP Environmental clients and friends: please accept this blog as a written thank you for the opportunity to provide our service to you.  Your project is a priority to us, and we appreciate the confidence you have placed with us.