COVID-19 Update

By MAP Environmental Inc. | April 7, 2020

Dear Friend & Client,


While enduring another week of the COVID-19 pandemic, MAP Environmental Inc. is closely watching its rapidly changing impact on our business and community.  In honoring the directives from our Country’s leadership, our Governor, and state and local authorities, we are committed to protecting the health, welfare and livelihood of our employees, their families, clients and friends in the local community.  To that end, we will follow our leadership regarding safe and healthy practices, including prudent social distancing–at the office, in the field, or working at home.


Amid this pandemic, we are quickly learning every day how to navigate these stormy, uncharted waters of COVID-19.   Like the rest of the world, we don’t yet have the answers or remedy to this current crisis.  While there is a great deal of uncertainty in the world, our country and our region of Hampton Roads, we are optimistic that modern technology and medicine will produce a cure, our community will return to normalcy, and a path moving forward will be identified.


So…. how do we adjust and respond to remain viable and relevant in today’s uncertain times? It won’t be easy and more challenging days lie ahead.  But as a small business, MAP Environmental Inc. remains focused, positive and diligent in efforts to provide quality environmental service and follow recommendations by the medical authorities regarding protection and safety for all.


During these extraordinary times, we have managed to conduct environmental services and deliver projects on or ahead of schedule. Still, in anticipation of a rapidly fluctuating workload and growing uncertainties, we have established a plan for moving forward while remaining successful during these unique and challenging times.   Our plan for the foreseeable and duration of the COVID-19 pandemic includes:  


  1. Teleworking as a primary means of communication with our clients, and governmental and regulatory agencies for new and ongoing projects.   Depending on our client’s preference we are communicating successfully and efficiently on new, developing or existing projects.   
  1. Processing of key deliverables such as environmental studies, wetlands surveys, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, and relevant permits, in keeping with our client’s schedule and due diligence requirements.          
  1. Integration of computer aided mapping, aerial photo and video footage, in-house drone footage, in our environmental deliverables.  These tools will help enhance the deliverables while expediting the environmental review and approval timeline.         
  1. Continued readiness to clients, and governmental and advisory agencies on urgent, unanticipated or unprogrammed deadlines or services that are critical to securing project approval or clearance. 


As a valued friend and client, MAP Environmental Inc appreciates the opportunity to serve, learn and grow with you during these challenging, uncertain and historic times.

We look forward to working together and discovering that path of mutual success!





Myles A. Pocta, CEP. REM

MAP Environmental Inc. President