Stepping into 2022

By MAP Environmental Inc. | January 28, 2022

Dear Friends,

As we start to navigate 2022, MAP Environmental Inc. has certainly begun its new year in earnest.  It has been a very promising start to the new year as we witness many positive and encouraging signs in Hampton Roads.  Many of these signs are triggered by important regional projects including Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Chesapeake’s High-Rise Bridge at I-64, and Virginia Beach’s Stormwater and Wetlands Restoration Initiative.  In November 2021, the City of Virginia Beach voters took an important step to reduce flood risk in their community by passing a historic $567.5 million flood mitigation bond.  This funding will not only reduce the City’s flood risk — it will also boost the local economy and create thousands of jobs.

MAP Environmental Inc. is fortunate to have played an important role in the above projects and initiatives.  We are particularly excited about our pending engagement with the City of Virginia Beach and Dewberry Engineers for the City’s Wetlands and Floodplains Restoration Projects including the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River and Back Bay in southern Virginia Beach.   We anxiously await our role and the opportunity to help shepherd these important projects.

Back Bay, Virginia Beach, Virginia

In neighboring Chesapeake, MAP Environmental Inc. eagerly awaits the unique environmental opportunity to assist the City and its Engineer, Clark Nexsen, in the proposed widening of Elbow Road and replacement of the Elbow Road Bridge near Stumpy Lake.  These important projects will engender major transportation improvements and efficiencies to both the Cities of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

Another long-term client, Dominion Energy continues to advance its efforts to decommission its facilities at Chesapeake Energy Center and Yorktown Power Station.   Concurrently, MAP is serving Dominion Energy as a regulatory advisor, permit consultant and compliance reporter on relevant demolition and decommissioning efforts at both facilities.

At MAP Environmental Inc., we are genuinely excited over the prospects of furnishing environmental services on these initiatives and projects that affect the future of Hampton Roads.  Whether its water resources, transportation or energy, we are extremely honored and privileged to serve our many public and private clients and help bring about positive change to the economy our local community.