Summer 2023 Warriors for Life: Sled Hockey Players

By MAP Environmental Inc. | July 28, 2023


It’s summer in Hampton Roads; don’t we typically find our heroes and warriors on the beach, at the ocean or an outside venue?  Not so fast! We have many warriors here in Virginia Beach.  But not outside; they are inside on the ice-skating rink.

On Saturday, July 22nd, three incredible organizations joined forces to promote sled hockey in Hampton Roads. The Warrior for Life Fund partnered with the U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey team and Boston Bruins Foundation to host an exhibition game at Iceland Family Skating Center. Among the many courageous and resilient sled hockey players who played in Saturday’s contest is Andrew Joseph Pocta.

At MAP Environmental Inc, we offer a shout-out and celebrate the courage of Andrew Joseph Pocta (shown below farthest right) – son of our company’s Project Manager Andrew Pocta–for participating in Saturday’s exhibition game and helping showcase his team’s talent and presence in the armed forces community.

You Go; Andrew Joseph Pocta!