Virginia Beach and Offshore Wind Energy

By MAP Environmental Inc. | July 11, 2019

It’s an exciting time for renewable energy advocates in Hampton Roads! This month, Dominion Energy began constructing Virginia’s first offshore wind energy project off of the coast of Virginia Beach, which will include two wind turbines situated 27 miles from our coastline. The wind turbines – part of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project- will power up to 3,000 homes with emission-free energy once operational in 2020.

MAP Environmental Inc. has been a proponent of wind energy since discussions became serious in the early 2010s. Starting with focus groups and summits between think-tanks from Old Dominion University and Dominion Energy, MAP has collaborated to help determine the best ways to begin transitioning from reliance on coal, natural gas, and petroleum to develop sustainable energy sources. MAP’s work continued more recently at Camp Pendleton, where we had the opportunity to help secure permits and provide environmental consultation for utilities expansions necessary to accommodate projects such as the recent transatlantic cable and eventually offshore wind turbines. MAP is determined to be an advocate of a more sustainable community as we help the region pursue the benefits of additional renewable energy projects throughout Virginia.

As we near the end of this decade, it’s encouraging to see Virginia Beach involved in the first offshore wind energy project in federal waters. We won’t be able to see the turbines as we’re enjoying time with our friends and family at the oceanfront, but they’ll be working in the distance to help power our homes nonetheless.