Working with MAP Environmental Inc. – Completion of a Mentorship

By MAP Environmental Inc. | September 8, 2017

Working with MAP Environmental Inc.: The Completion of an Ocean Lakes High School MSA Mentorship


As my last few days at MAP Environmental Inc. (MAP) come to a close, the true scope of my mentorship and how fantastic an experience it was really has taken hold.  I had an incredible time working with the company and its employees – throughout my weeks here I worked like and had the involvement of an intern. This immersive experience allowed me to learn a great deal about working in a business and the amount of effort and work that goes into providing quality service for customers; it is rare for a high schooler to gain experience in this field.  I was able to ask questions when I needed and go on a site visit that gave me the opportunity to learn about field work and its importance. The site visits with Ms. Brock and Mr. Pocta were interesting and informational, and going on these helped me gain a full understanding of MAP’s services: the connections between the field work and the assessments were crucial, as not all work was done in an office or at a computer.  The jobs I was able to do were real and concrete, and I really felt like I was accomplishing tasks and learning about a previously unknown environment.

My product presentation for MAP Environmental, A Map Environmental Application

Feasibility Study, was both well received and delivered.  I was able to present my research in a professional manner; my project focused on the feasibility of creating an application for the company that allowed clients to access their project data on one, secure online database.  I completed a report and a PowerPoint presentation, both of which were reviewed and discussed.  Overall, I was able to gain presentation experience and participate in a common, yet vital, business process – feasibility studies are completed on a regular basis (though not necessarily in a scheduled presentation manner).  This insight will help me with future presentations and practice writing a feasibility study undoubtedly will be a skill I’ll utilize.

Entrepreneurship and finance continue to intrigue, and MAP Environmental Inc. gave me the chance to experience both of these in action. Mrs. Charbeneau led me through the ins and outs of management and the importance of staying organized and connected; my experience was colored with new knowledge and a persistent curiosity that led me to learn more about business management.  The opportunity I had at MAP Environmental Inc. will stay with me as an incredibly valuable experience that will help guide me in the pursuing of my degree and future career.